Best price Creality K1, BambuLab P1P, Creality Ender 3V2 NEO, SOVOL SV06 3D printers in Bangladesh
Best price Growatt SPF 5000ES 5KW and SRNE 3KW off-grid hybrid solar inverters in Bangladesh
Original EVE, CATL Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries with  DALY BMS, JK BMS and balancers in Bangladesh
Buy UNI-T, Hantak, Hanmatek, Rigol, FLuke, Mastech, Aneng testing instruments Buy Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, Rock Pi, Orange Pi, Nvidia Jetson Nano, Nvidia Jetson Xavier
NE555 Adjustable Frequency Pulse Generator Module
BDT 220.00
PETG Transparent 1KG 1.75mm Hello3D High Quality Filament for 3D Printer
Special Price BDT 2,248.00 Regular Price BDT 2,296.00
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Creality Ender 3 V3 SE with Auto Bed Level & Strain Sensor
Special Price BDT 42,999.00 Regular Price BDT 44,500.00
Creality Ender 3 V3 SE with Auto Bed Level & Strain Sensor
Special Price BDT 42,999.00 Regular Price BDT 44,500.00
Creality K1 High Speed 3D Printer up to 600mm/s with AI Lidar Hands-free Auto Bed Leveling
Special Price BDT 78,950.00 Regular Price BDT 84,500.00
SOVOL SV06 3D Printer All Metal Direct Drive Extruder with PEI Magnetic Build Plate
Special Price BDT 37,940.00 Regular Price BDT 41,500.00
Bambu Lab P1P High Speed 3D Printer upto 500mm/s
Special Price BDT 82,850.00 Regular Price BDT 86,500.00
Creality Ender 3 V2 NEO Upgraded with Auto Bed Level
Special Price BDT 39,999.00 Regular Price BDT 43,500.00
Creality Ender 3 S1 Plus with 300*300*300mm Large Build Size & 4.3 Touch Screen
BDT 69,120.00
Hantek 2D72 2-Channels 70MHz 250MSa/s 3in1 Digital Oscilloscope Portable Waveform Generator Multimeter
Special Price BDT 16,590.00 Regular Price BDT 19,244.00
Hantek DSO5202P 200MHz 2 Channels 1Gs/S Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Special Price BDT 42,500.00 Regular Price BDT 44,380.00
HANMATEK DOS1102 110mhz 2-Channel 1Gs/S Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Special Price BDT 27,990.00 Regular Price BDT 28,850.00
YR1035+ Precision Battery Internal Resistance Test Instrument
Special Price BDT 5,950.00 Regular Price BDT 7,150.00
DSO2512G 120M Bandwidth Dual Channel Portable Digital Oscilloscope
Special Price BDT 14,960.00 Regular Price BDT 17,952.00
SRNE WiFi 24V 3KW Off Grid Hybrid Intelligent Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter UPS MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Special Price BDT 56,500.00 Regular Price BDT 62,500.00
High Quality 4S 8S 16S 10A Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 Battery Fast Charger
Special Price BDT 2,250.00 Regular Price BDT 2,550.00
Original JK BMS 8S to 20S 100A 150A 300A for LiFePO4, LTO, Li-ion, LiPo Battery Charger Active Balancer with LCD and Bluetooth
Special Price BDT 12,806.00 Regular Price BDT 14,598.00
DALY SMART BMS 16S 48V 100A with Balance for Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 Battery with Fan + Bluetooth
Special Price BDT 12,176.00 Regular Price BDT 14,002.00
GROWATT SPF 5000 ES WiFi 48V 5KW Off Grid Intelligent Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter UPS MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Special Price BDT 103,750.00 Regular Price BDT 115,000.00
ESP32-WROVER CAM Board with OV2640 Camera Wi-Fi Bluetooth Module for Arduino C Python Code
Special Price BDT 985.00 Regular Price BDT 1,260.00
ESP32 S2 Mini LOLIN WIFI IOT Board based ESP32-S2FN4R2 ESP32-S2 4MB FLASH 2MB PSRAM MicroPython Arduino Compatible
Special Price BDT 593.00 Regular Price BDT 664.00
Arduino Mega 2560 R3
Special Price BDT 1,800.00 Regular Price BDT 1,962.00
Arduino UNO R3 DIP Edition
BDT 776.00
ESP32-CAM WiFi + Bluetooth + Camera Module (OV2640 2MP) Development Board
Special Price BDT 806.00 Regular Price BDT 878.00
NVIDIA Jetson Nano B01 New Version 4GB AI Development Board Platform Kit
BDT 26,400.00
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ASUS Tinker Edge T Development Board for AI
BDT 33,800.00
Raspberry Pi Official Camera Module v2 (8MP)
BDT 4,596.00
Banana Pi M5 4GB RAM + 16GB eMMC Quad-Core 64 bit
Special Price BDT 14,750.00 Regular Price BDT 15,800.00
Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with ARM Cortex-A7 1.4GHz
Special Price BDT 14,950.00 Regular Price BDT 15,250.00
Raspberry Pi 4B Quad-core Cortex- A72 1.5GHz 2GB 4GB 8GB (Made in UK)
Special Price BDT 16,500.00 Regular Price BDT 17,500.00
SX1278 SMD 433MHz Original DRF1278F LoRa Long Range RF Wireless Module with Antenna
Special Price BDT 840.00 Regular Price BDT 991.00
 NRF24L01+PA+LNA Wireless Transceiver Module (1000 meter)
BDT 385.00
HC-05 RF Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver Slave Module RS232 TTL to UART
BDT 374.00
SX1278 LoRa Module 433MHz 10KM Original Ra-02 Ai-Thinker Wireless Module with Antenna
Special Price BDT 875.00 Regular Price BDT 945.00
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