1N4007 General Purpose 1A SMD Diode SOD-123
BDT 6.00
1N4148 SMD Signal Diode
BDT 5.00
SS310 SR310 3A SMD Schottky Diode SOD-123
BDT 13.00
LCR-T4 Multi-functional ESR Meter Transistor Mosfet Diode Component Tester LCR Meter
Special Price BDT 1,949.00 Regular Price BDT 2,319.00
SS8P3CL-M3/86A Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 8.0 Amp 30 Volt TO 277A 3
BDT 17.10
MBR6045 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 45V - 60A Schottky Rectifier DO 5
BDT 160.55
MBR20200CT-BP Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 20A SCHOTTKY RECTIFIER TO 220AB 3
BDT 65.55
MBR20100CT-G1 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers HV Power Schottky 100Vrrm 2x10A 0.85V TO 220 3
LCR-TC1 1.8" Multi-functional Component Tester Transistor, Resistor, Mosfet, Diode, IGBT, Inductance, Capacitance, LCR Meter, IR Decoder
Special Price BDT 2,214.00 Regular Price BDT 2,413.00

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