SX1278 LoRa Module 433MHz 10KM Original Ra-02 Ai-Thinker Wireless Module with Antenna

Original AI-THINKER Ra-02 LoRa transceiver module based on SEMTECH's SX1278 chips.433 Mhz frequency. Includes 433 Mhz antenna with UFL connector. High sensitivity -148 dBm with +20 dBm power output. Programmable 300kbps data rate. Includes Antenna.

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The package was delivered on time. Module is genuine. I can modify the register value. Everything works. I am happy with this purchase.
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মডুলটি কাজ করছে। তবে পিনগুলো সলডার করা ছিলনা।
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This SX1278 module works good.
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I really like this product. The range is enough for our project and easy to interface. thumbs up!

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Product Details

Ra-02 is a wireless transmission module based on SEMTECH's SX1278 wireless transceiver. It adopts advanced LoRa spread spectrum technology, with a communication distance of 10,000 meters. It has strong ability of anti-jamming and has the function of air wake-up Consumption. Can be covering thousands of people in the district environment, particularly suitable for meter reading, smart home, burglar alarm equipment.

The LoRa series module Ra-01 is designed and developed by AI-THINKER Technology. The SX1278 RF module is mainly used for long-range spread spectrum communication. It can resist Minimize current consumption. Thanks to SEMTECH's patented LoRa ™ modulation technology, the SX1278 has a high sensitivity of -148 dBm with a power output of +20 dBm, a long transmission distance and high reliability. At the same time, compared with the traditional modulation technology, LoRa ™ modulation technology has obvious advantages in anti-blocking and selection, which solves the problem that the traditional design scheme can not consider the distance, interference and power consumption at the same time.



  • LoRa ™ Spread Spectrum modulation technology
  • Constant RF power output at + 20dBm-100mW voltage change
  • High sensitivity: down to -148dBm
  • Half-duplex SPI communication
  • Programmable bit rates up to 300kbps
  • Supports FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, LoRa ™ and OOK modulation modes
  • 127dB RSSI dynamic range
  • Automatic RF signal detection, CAD mode and very high speed AFC
  • Packet engine with CRC up to 256 bytes
  • Small footprint dual-row stamp-hole patch package
  • Shielded housing
  • 433Mhz Antenna


Package List:

  • SX1278 433M Wireless LoRa 02 Module x 1PCS
  • 1 x 433Mhz Antenna
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