300mm Flexible PEI Build Plate Surface Sticker For 3D Printer Heat Bed
Special Price BDT 850.00 Regular Price BDT 1,199.00
300°C Temperature E3D V6 12V Hotend 0.4mm Nozzle 1.75mm Filament Kit Extruder for 3D Printer
W5500 LAN/ Ethernet Network Module Hardware TCP/IP 51/STM32 Microcontroller Program with W5100
Special Price BDT 1,593.00 Regular Price BDT 1,720.00
 A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Module for Pololu RepRap 3D Printer StepStick
BDT 190.00
Micro SD SDXC UHS-I SanDisk Ultra 64GB 100MB/s Class 10
BDT 1,250.00
speakerphone Coming Soon!
IMX219-77 Camera Module with Ribbon Cable for NVIDIA Jetson Nano
BDT 3,800.00
speakerphone Coming Soon!
TDA2030 TDA2030A 6-12V 18w Power Supply Audio Amplifier Board Module
BDT 0.00
XH-M139 Digital subwoofer Amplifier 2.1 Channel high Power Digital Power Amplifier Board TPA3116D2 Power 2 * 80W+100W
Header Pin Jumper Shorted Cap 2.54mm Pitch
As low as BDT 3.00
XH-M190 2 * 50W TDA3116D2 high-Power Digital Amplifier
BDT 0.00
XH-M189 2*50W DC24V TPA3116D2 two-channel stereo power amplifier Board
BDT 0.00
TDA7492 High-Power Digital Amplifier Board 50Wx2
BDT 0.00
TDA7297 Audio Amplifier Circuit Board Double Seaker DC 12V 2*15w
BDT 0.00
VMS-3002-TR-NPK-N01 soil NPK memorier
BDT 8,134.00

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LCR-T4 Multi-functional ESR Meter Transistor Mosfet Diode Component Tester LCR Meter
Special Price BDT 1,949.00 Regular Price BDT 2,319.00
USB3.0 Type A Female to Breadboard & PCB 2.54mm DIP 9P
BDT 98.00
USB Type A Male to Breadboard & PCB 2.54mm DIP 4P
BDT 89.00
USB Type B Female to Breadboard & PCB 2.54mm DIP 4P
BDT 90.00
USB2.0 Type A Female to Breadboard & PCB 2.54mm DIP 4P
BDT 90.00
Filament Dryer Vaccum Sealed Humidity Resistant Storage Bag for 3D Printer
BDT 1,450.00
RJMP-01-08 LM8UU Plastic Linear Rail Ball Bearing 8mm Bore for 3D Printers and CNC