LCD1602 Keypad Shield Module Display For Arduino UNO
BDT 550.00
Joystick Shield for Arduino Expansion Board Analog Keyboard and Mouse Function
BDT 243.00
Prototype Shield for Arduino UNO R3 Mini Breadboard
Special Price BDT 290.00 Regular Price BDT 336.00
Servo shield 16 Channel 12-bit I2C PCA9685 for Arduino
Special Price BDT 2,619.00 Regular Price BDT 3,116.00
ESP8266 L293D Motor Shield PWM Expansion Board for ESP12E
BDT 185.00
2 Cores RVVP Double Shielded Cable for Spindle Motor CNC Machine Parts
BDT 0.00
4 Cores RVVP Double Shielded Cable for Stepper Motor CNC Machine Parts
BDT 0.00
606ZZ Miniature Ball Bearing 6x17x6mm Stainless Steel Shielded
BDT 70.00
CNC Shield V4 Engraving Machine Kit Expansion Board
BDT 388.00

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Arduino CNC Shield GRBL Controller V3 Expansion Board with 4pcs A4988 Driver
Arduino CNC Shield V3 Expansion Board GRBL Controller
BDT 213.00
AVR ISP Programmable Expansion Shield Board Module
BDT 543.00

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