AO3400 A09T 30V N-Channel SMD Mosfet

The AO3400 combines advanced trench MOSFET technology with a low resistance package to provide extremely low RDS(ON). This device is suitable for use as a load switch or in PWM applications

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Product Details

Technical Specifications:

  • Drain-Source Voltage (Vds): 30V
  • Gate-Source Voltage (Vgs): ±12
  • Continuous Drain Current at TA=25°C (Id): 5.8A
  • Continuous Drain Current at TA=70°C (Id): 4.9A
  • Pulsed Drain Current (Idm): 30A
  • Power Dissipation at TA=25°C(Pd): 1.4W
  • Power Dissipation at TA=70°C(Pd): .9W
  • Gate Threshold Voltage (Vgs(th)): 1.05V
  • Static Drain-Source On-Resistance (RDS(ON)) at VGS=10V, ID=5.8A: 18mΩ
  • Total Gate Charge (Qg): 6nC
  • Gate Source Charge (Qgs): 1.3nC
  • Gate Drain Charge (Qgd): 1.8nC
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