XL7005 70V Input 0.5A 180KHz SMD Buck DC to DC Converter IC

The XL7005 is a 180KHz fixed frequency PWM buck (step-down) DC/DC converter, capable of driving a 0.5A load with high efficiency, low ripple and excellent line and load regulation. Requiring a minimum number of external components, the regulator is simple to use and include internal frequency compensation and a fixed-frequency oscillator. The PWM control circuit is able to adjust the duty ratio linearly from 0 to 100%. An enable function, an over current protection function is built inside. When output short protection function happens, the operation frequency will be reduced from 180KHz to 40KHz. An internal compensation block is built in to minimize external component count.

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Product Details

Technical Specification:

  • Wide 5V to 70V Operation Voltage
  • Output Adjustable from 1.25V to 18V
  • Maximum Duty Cycle 100%
  • Minimum Drop Out 1V
  • Fixed 180KHz Switching Frequency
  • 0.5A Constant Output Current Capability
  • Internal Optimize HV Power Transistor
  • High efficiency up to 85%
  • Excellent line and load regulation
  • TTL shutdown capability
  • Built in thermal shutdown function
  • Built in output short Protection Function
  • Built in current limit function
  • Available in SOIC8 package
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