XH-M131 DC 12V Light Control Switch Photoresistor Relay Module

    Material – Steel, Plastic, PVC    Power Supply – DC 12V    Operating Current – Before the relay actuation: less than 5mA    Relay after pull-in: 5V module is less than 50mA    Switching Voltage: 250VAC@10A; 30VDC@10A

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Product Details

Buy the new XH-M131 DC 12V Light Control Switch Photoresistor Relay Module. The Light Detection and brightness detection, detection can be adjusted via potentiometer brightness valve point comes relays, and do all kinds of brightness detection switch, you can control all kinds of street lights automatically turn on at night, during the day and automatically turns off and car supplies control and automation equipment.

Using the photoresistor induction light intensity comes with the relay and direct control load. It has a Distribution bit sensitivity adjustment. The start relay threshold is set by adjusting the potentiometer. 12 V power input is designed for relay board regulator transistors to provide sensors and is Used to make the product more stable and reliable. It has four fixed bolt hole for easy installation.



    XH-M131 DC 5V / DC 12V Light Control Switch Photoresistor Relay Module Light threshold can be adjusted by a potentiometer to set the relay start Input: DC5V / 12V
    Load capacity: 10A / AC 250V or DC up to 30V RED LED ON: Indicate the Power ON
    BLUE LED ON: Relay is working Module output terminal has three ports.
    Weight: approx 20 g Material: Steel, Plastic, PVC


Package Includes:

1 x XH-M131 DC 12V Light Control Switch Photoresistor Relay Module

1 x LDR Probe Cable(30cm)

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