MACH3 5 Axis CNC Machine Controller Board Motherboard

The controller is dedicated to CNC machine tools, supports up to 5 stepper motor drivers. Works with MACH3 software. It is supplied with the voltage of 12-24V.Convenient twisted ARK connectors allow for quick power connection as well as for stepper motor drivers also in the form of 4-pin connectors. The system has numerous protections so that we do not have to worry about the security of other connected components or the computer.

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Product Details

This board uses parallel port for communication with the computer (LPT), USB is only for supplying power to the board.
This breakout board is just LPT interface (74HC244 drivers), not stepper motor driver board, it needs to work with stepper motor drivers (sold separately) to control them. So you CANNOT drive stepper motors from this board directly.
If you need to connect end-stop and limit switch, connect 12-24V power supply.

Technical data

  • Full support for MACH3
  • Communication inteface via LPT/Parallel port
  • USB power supply (USB cable included)
  • Separation of power supply for peripheral devices ensures computer security
  • Control of up to 5 stepper motors
  • Common cathode or anode control is possible from the input level to the 5V common drive
  • Wide range of supply voltages (12-24V)
  • Anti-reverse function
  • 0-10V PWM output
  • Complete galvanic isolation of the inputs
  • PCB board dimensions: 90x70x18mm
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