FT232RL FTDI USB UART TTL 3.3V 5.5V Serial Adapter Module

FT232RL FTDI is a USB to TTL serial adapter allows you to connect TTL serial devices to a PC through a USB port. This adapter supports both 5V AND 3.3V operational , pin 3 on the 6 pin connector can be connected to the USB supply 5VDC or to the 3V3 regulator output on the FTDI chip.

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Product Details

In 5V mode the maximum current draw on this pin is approximately 500mA.

In 3.3V mode the maximum current draw on VCC is approximately 50mA.

This board has the following pin layout:

  • DTR PIN needed to auto-reset Arduino when downloading to your device.
  • VCC PIN is ideal for powering small devices such as homemade circuits.
  • CTS PIN Clear To Send - an input used for flow control
  • GND PIN to GND on your device
  • RX PIN is Serial data Receive pin
  • TX PIN is Serial data Transmit pin
  • RXD/TXD Transceiver communication LED indicator
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