ESP8266 ESP01S Serial UART Breadboard Adapter Breakout Board

This is a handy tool to connect ESP8266-01S to the breadboard. ESP8266-01S is not breadboard friendly, so you need a breakout board like breadboard adapter to connect ESP-01S to breadboard.

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Product Details

ESP8266 is an low-cost serial-to-wifi tranceiver chip that can be used to connect any microcontroller to a WiFi network via serial connection. Because of its simplicity and low cost, it is very popular among hobbyists for building Internet of Things (IoT) applications. While there are varieties of breakout boards available for ESP8266, the most popular one is the ESP-01 model that provides access to the power supply and I/O pins through a 2x4 male header. But, the pin arrangement of this module is not breadboard friendly and are not labeled either, which makes it little inconvenient to use this module. So, using this breadboard adapter would make prototyping with the ESP-01 module easier. The adapter has a 2x4 female header to receive the ESP-01 module and provides easy access to those pins through two single row male headers with clear pin names printed next to them. Also it perfectly fits into the breadboard. An additional power supply filter capacitor of 10uF is also provided on board to filter out the noise on power rails.

This adapter includes the PCB, a 10uF tantalum capacitor and a 2x4 female header presoldered on the board. Two 1x4 male headers are also included but not soldered so as to give flexibility to the users to use a different type header if they want.

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