DC 3.7-6V To 400KV Boost Step Up Power Module


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Product Details

This is a high voltage step-up power supply module, which is commonly used in electronics experiments and demonstrations. The module can generate a voltage of up to 400KV from an input of 3-6V from a normal Li-ion battery. The high-voltage module uses the principle of the Tesla coil.

The high-voltage module uses the principle Tesla coil is made of a high-voltage pulse output voltage current small size high efficiency simple external circuit(just plug in the switch the battery can be) discharge intensity is violent.

This module is a small production with high-pressure science inverter transformer/booster finished module the input terminal DC 3V – 7.2V can get 20KV DC high voltage (about 1-2 cm arc) at the output can be used as high school science experiments electronic equipment negative ion generator high voltage source to use when making small science.



  •     High-Quality Silicone Wires at Input and Output
  •     Creates an Arc of 400KV
  •     Small in Size
  •     Easy to Use


  •     Output voltage: DC 400KV – 600KV (Please note that when security)
  •     High type: pulse current 4. High voltage bipolar discharge distance: 10mm – 20mm
  •     Output voltage lines length: about 100mm
  •     Input power cable length: about 10mm (red is positive)
  •     Dimensions: Šµ24 x 63mm
  •     3.7V Li-ion battery can be used single or two series such as 18650 idle cell phone batteries (to remove the protection board    the proposed capacity of 2000mAh or more ) or NiCd / NiMH battery pack 4V or 6V lead-acid batteries.


Package Includes:

        1 x 400KV Step Up Power Module



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