CATL Brand New 150Ah A-Grade LFP Lithium Iron Phosphate 4000 Cycle LiFePO4 Rechargeable Battery Cells 3.2v

This a Orignal CATL Brand 150Ah LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) Prismatic Battery Cells are Brand New, and have longer working time with high performance, for DIY Battery Projects (RV, EV, E-boats, golf carts, solar power systems, etc). CATL LiFePO4 Battery is the most reliable lithium battery which provides gurranteed output with a cycle life of over 5000 times (80% DOD).

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Product Details

About CATL brand:

CATL, with the full name of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, is a leading lithium battery company all over the world located in Ningde, Fujian, China. CATL is the Number One lithium battery manufacturer in China.

CATL Battery cells are in quality and they provide battery cells to BMW. they are the only lithium battery partner of BMW in China. CATL and BMW is building a new john venture to produce lithium battery in Beijing, China.  At this moment, a lot of big auto companies such as Tesla, BMW, Benz, VW choose this battery to power their electric car. the cells have very high energy density and are the best lithium batteries at this moment on the earth.

  • Buy original and brand new lithium batteries only from BDTronics

  • 3 Years Warranty

  • 15 years of service life for UPS/ IPS use.*

  • 8-10 years of service life for Electric Scooter, Car, Truck, Mishuk etc. use.*

  • Full amperage rating/ capacity guranteed.

  • Please do not compare our batteries with local market products.

  • Our battery cells and packs are imported, brand new, A-grade.
  • We do not just rely on QR code.

  • We test the capacity of every batch of batteries to meet the capacity requirement.

  • These are heavy-duty batteries used for electric vehicle/ car/ truck. You can also use it in your IPS/ UPS.

  • These batteries can provide 10-20 years of service depending on the DOD, discharge current rate, using proper battery compression force etc. which we ensure during building the packs.

* Physical damage/ impact/ stress will decrease the service life of batteries, cause permanent damage and void warranty.


Technical Specifications:

  • Cell Brand: CATL
  • Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate(LiFePO4 or LFP)
  • Nominal voltage: 3.2V
  • Operational voltage: 2.5 V – 3.65 V
  • Nominal Capacity: 150Ah
  • Impedance (1KHz): ≤0.3±0.05mΩ
  • Cycle life: 5000 (Retention: ≥80%DOD)
  • Weight: 2.95±0.3kg
  • Dimensions (mm): 174*171*48±0.5mm
  • Residual Capacity Loss: Per month ≤3.5%
  • Charging Temperature: 0℃~45℃
  • Discharging Temperature: -20℃~60℃




Electric vehicle, electric bikes, scooters, boats, submarines, golf carts, communications, energy storage, Intelligent network, etc.


Important Notes:

  • One Cell will come with one set busbar, bolt, and washer for free.
  • Each cell shall be used under strict monitoring, control, and protection by the BMS.
  • Before the first use, always charge the cells to full voltage.
  • We will match (capacity, voltage, resistance) all cells before delivery.
  • The battery is suitable for DIY lovers with experience.
  • We will recommend you contact our customer support first if you are not familiar with this type of battery chemistry and are interested in purchasing these batteries.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x CATL 150Ah LiFePo4 Battery Cell
  • 1 x Busbar, Bolt & Washer
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