Arduino LilyPad Atmega 328P Board

This Arduino Lilypad is based on ATMega328P microcontroller and is designed to be easily integrated into e-textiles and wearable projects. It offers the same functionality you find in other Arduino boards such as Arduion UNO or Arduino Pro Mini. Additionally, it's lightweight, fashionable, round package design is to minimize snagging and profile. With wide tabs that can be sewn down and connect with conductive thread.

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Product Details

Technical Specifications:

  • Outer Diameter: 50mm
  • Microcontroller: ATmega328P
  • Operating Voltage: 2.7-5.5 V
  • Input Voltage(Recomended): 2.7-5.5 V
  • Digital I/O Pins: 14 (6 PWM)
  • Analog Input Pins: 6
  • DC Current per I/O Pin: 40 mA
  • Flash Memory: 16 KB (of which 2 KB used by bootloader)
  • SRAM: 1 KB
  • EEPROM: 512 bytes
  • Clock Speed: 8 MHz
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