433MHZ Wireless Transmitter Receiver Module SYN115 SYN480R

The SYN113/SYN115 is a high performance, easy to use, single chip ASK Transmitter IC for remote wireless applications in the 300 to 450MHz frequency band. This transmitter IC is a true “data-in, antenna-out” monolithic device. SYN113/SYN115 has three strong attributes: power delivery, operating voltage and operating temperature. In terms of power, the SYN113/SYN115 is capable of delivering +10 dBm into a 50Ω load. This power level enables a small form factor transmitter (lossy antenna) such as a key fob transmitter to operate near the maximum limit of transmission regulations. In terms of operating voltage, the SYN113/SYN115 operates from 1.8V to 3.6V. Many transmitter ICs in the same frequency band stop operating below 2.0V. The SYN113/SYN115 will work with most batteries to the end of their useful limits. In terms of operating temperature, the SYN113/SYN115 operates from -40°C to +85°C

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Best wireless module emoji-happy
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Module ta bhalo kaj korse, range o onek. onno low cost module theke definitely good.
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good range emoji-happy
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Small size and compact. Range is fairly enough for my project. Less noise and better than any other 433mhz module in the market.

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Product Details

The SYN113/SYN115 operates with ASK/OOK (Amplitude Shift Keying/On-Off Keyed) UHF receiver types from wide-band super-regenerative radios to narrow-band, high performance super-heterodyne receivers. The SYN113/SYN115’s maximum ASK data rate is 10kbps (Manchester Encoding). The SYN113/SYN115 transmitter solution is ideal for industrial and consumer applications where simplicity and form factor are important.

For enhanced power saving, SYN115 includes power managing function(SYN113 do not have this function). The power managing function Enables transmitter activated as long as high transient data input trigger signals are received. The transmitter will also be automatically switched off if there are no data input transients for a time exceeding approximately 75ms.



  • Complete UHF transmitter
  • Frequency range 300MHz to 450MHz
  • Data rates up to 10kbps ASK
  • Output Power to 10dBm
  • Low external part count
  • Low voltage operation (down to 1.8V)
  • Operate with crystals or ceramic resonators
  • Power down modes and wake-up functions to reduce power consumption(SYN115 only)



  • Fan Controllers
  • Remote Power Switches
  • Multi-Media Remote Control
  • Remote Sensor Data Links
  • Infrared Transmitter Replacement


Technical Specifications:

  • Supply Voltage (V DD ) +5V
  • Input/Output Voltage (V I/O ) V SS –0.3 to V DD +0.3
  • Voltage on PA_OUT(V PA_OUT ) +7.2V
  • Storage Temperature Range (T S ) –65°C to +150°C
  • Lead Temperature (soldering, 10 sec.) +300°C
  • ESD Rating 2KV
  • RF Frequency Range 300MHz to 450MHz
  • Supply Voltage (VDD) +1.8V to +3.6V
  • Ambient Temperature (T A) –40°C to +85°C
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